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February 1, 2023

The one where I recommend Friends-related stuff on Etsy

On Etsy, the Friends-obsessed can find a million Friends-themed handcrafted items. Sadly, this results in quite the slog if you want to peruse every option for that perfect piece of fandom. I’m a giver, so I did the work for you by compiling a list of my favorite Etsy off-the-beaten-path Friends items.

Turkey bath bomb
Turkey-shaped but not turkey-scented bath bombs for the next time you’ve had a very long, hard day.

Monica’s turkey bath bomb

When Rachel recounts Monica’s worst Thanksgiving, Chandler learns Monica was trying to get revenge on him when she inadvertently sliced off the tip of his toe on a Thanksgiving day some years ago. (“That’s why for a whole year people called me Sir Limpsalot?”) Why this information makes Chandler so upset is a mystery, but it brought us the image of Monica trying to cheer up Chandler with a fez and sunglasses-dressed turkey on her head. Many Friends-themed crafts reference this image, but DeyaVuApothecary’s turkey bath bombs have to be one of my favorites. Sugar plum scented, they’re so cute, with such vibrant colors, I’d probably keep one just for display. 

Monica with the turkey on her head crocheted doll
“Is that supposed to be funny?” “No, it’s supposed to be scary!”

Monica-with-the-turkey-on-her head crochet pattern

I can’t crochet, as much as I would like to learn, with the plethora of cute and clever designs out there. But if you have the skills, you should get aloha808ml’s awesome Monica Geller-Inspired Amigurumi Doll pattern. Once you make your yarn Monica, give it to me. Before I put it on proud display, I’ll tell you, “You’re so great! I love you!” and I won’t try to take it back.

A Way No Way t-shirt for the Ross and Chandler groupie in you.

Way No Way t-shirt

Remember Chandler and Ross’s college “band,” Way No Way? (“It’s been 16 years but the air quotes still hurt.”) BlackRhinoClothing created a Way No Way band shirt featuring an image of Ross and Chandler in their Miami Vice phase and the song title “Emotional Knapsack.” Almost as good as the shirt is their picture of a model wearing the shirt: a Don Johnson-looking dude posing with a sports car, maybe on his way to rock an Asian student union.

fork with engraved saying
Personalize a utensil for youself or the special hungry person in your life.

Joey’s food-attitude utensils

If you’re as possessive of your food as Joey is, spread the word with JessyGigiShop’s personalized “Doesn’t share food” forks, knives, and spoons. I’m thinking how amusing it would be to provide each guest at my next dinner party with a set of utensils that reads “Naghma doesn’t share food!” Alas, I don’t have dinner parties, but you could take my idea and run with it.

set of four engraved shot glasses
If you’re doing shots, make sure you don’t kiss your best friend’s mom.

Engraved shot glasses

BrindleSouthern’s set of Friends shot glasses is worth getting just for the rarely-made reference to Joey’s screw-up in a commercial audition. “Soup. I mean noodle soup. I mean soup!” Fitting, since Joey is so upset afterward he could definitely use a few shots. (“Who can’t say, “Mmmm, noodle soup”?!)

small white ceramic figure of a dog
“What the hell is that dog doing here?”

Joey’s ceramic dog

It’s one of Ross’s sweeter moments when he rescues Joey’s giant ceramic dog, Pat, from repossession. In the series finale, we learn Pat will not survive the journey to its new home, but luckily, you can keep its spirit alive in your own living room with FanCornerCreations’s mini Pat the Dog. As an added bonus, when you start with a tiny Pat, you can emulate spendthrift Joey by amassing a menagerie of animals with no spacious apartment or soap opera actor-salary required. (“You spent $1200 on a plastic bird?”)

Pivot! necklace and  friends frame earrings
You can’t go wrong with a Pivot! necklace and Friends frame earrings.

We sell Friends stuff too

Of course, you can always skip Etsy and buy Friends fandom right here. No pressure, though.

What Friends fan items do you love — or wish someone would create? Let’s talk about it.

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