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December 19, 2023

New planner for a new year

I absolutely adore buying planners. I love looking at a full blank calendar for the year and dreaming of how I could make myself more productive and organized by filling it in. Unfortunately, the part of me that most needs the planner – the part which is not great at time management – tends to get in my way of actually using it. So, I’ve made consistent planner use one of my new year’s resolutions.

screenshot from Toy Story that reads Reminders everywhere

Out of the approximately one million planner options out there, I’ve culled down a list of eight suggestions. Whether you want a planner with original artwork, one that’s astrology related, or one that offers a goal-achieving system, I hope one of these is right for you.

Check out Do Planners Help with Goals? on the Avery blog for information on the benefits of a planner and tips for getting the most out of using one. Spoiler: they do help with goals.

For the astrology follower

AstroTwins Daily Horoscope Planner

2024 AstroTwins Daily Horoscope Planner
While I don’t follow astrology, I do think there is something comforting about looking at the stars to guide your life.

The AstroTwins are identical twin sisters whose goal is to present astrology in a practical, accessible way. If you’re into astrology, their Daily Horoscope Planner might be for you. From the description on their website: “Part horoscope guide, part day planner, track every day of 2024 according to the moon phase and key astrological transits.” They offer 12 planners, one for each sign. Bonus features include a live masterclass, “Plan It by the Planets.”

Factoid: Right after I moved to Seattle, I was in the audience of a local morning talk show where the AstroTwins were being featured. I got to ask them a question on camera, which was very fun.

$39 at

For the go-getter

Full Focus Planner

small gray book with the title Full Focus Planner

The minimalist-looking Full Focus Planner is designed not just to schedule your time, but to focus your attention on achieving your goals. They’ve created the “Full Focus System” in which you define up to eight annual goals, then dig deep into defining smaller goals and tasks to achieve them. Since the system is designed around planning quarterly, each planner spans three months. They also offer video instruction on how to get the most out of the planner.

Starting at $41.99 per three-month planner at Full Focus

For a custom look

Erin Condren Lifeplanner

illustration of the millenium falcon
You can personalize this Millenium Falcon design with your name.

The Lifeplanner from Erin Condren offers more visual variety than most planners. While you can go minimalist with a solid color, they also offer many illustrations and the option to upload your own design. In addition, you can choose from one of a few colors for the coil binding and add a personalization to the cover. My favorite part: the Star Wars designs.

Other features of the planner include the option of one of three layouts for the calendar pages. The layouts are “proven to keep you organized and stress-free!” Plus, each planner comes with four planning sticker sheets.

Starting at $48.40 at Erin Condren

For planning by the hour

Passion Planner Weekly Planner

green book with a gold design on it titled passion planner

With the Weekly Passion Planner, you can schedule your days down to the hour. The planner also includes monthly layouts, prompts for goal setting, and a “passion roadmap” to help you define your goals. The planner comes in three sizes; in addition, you can choose Sunday or Monday as the calendar start day. 

I like that they offer free printables on their website such as a “30 day Journal Challenge,” a “Health and Wellness Reflection” worksheet, and sample layouts. An additional bonus: 1% of each planner purchase goes to supporting a nonprofit organization.

Starting at $40.99 at Passion Planner

For the quirky art lover

Valfre Gal with a Plan

a book with an illustrated cover of a girl in a pond surrounded by lily pads

If you want a planner you’d keep on your bookshelf for years to come because of its artwork, you might like Valfre’s Gal with a Plan. The planners features 12 original images by Mexican artist Valfre, who is “known for creating colorful, whimsical, and often surreal artworks that feature unique female characters, bold lines and vibrant colors.” It also contains monthly and weekly spreads, space for notes, and custom stickers.

$32 at Valfre

For the empowered woman

The Arrivista Planner

The Arrivista Planner

The Arrivista Planner is “all-encompassing planner that includes tips on fiscal responsibility, personal empowerment, spiritual well-being and creativity.” In addition to its weekly and monthly calendar layouts, it has instruction on goal setting, creativity challenges, and inspirational quotes. What I especially like about the Arrivista Planner is that the designer aims to create a community of women supporting each other. The company hosts monthly Virtual Planning Parties and encourages “Arravistas” to share their stories. In addition, it’s a Black woman-owned business, and donates money to help women survivors of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

$55 at Arrivista Planner

Different pads for different plans

jOTBLOCK stacked pads planner set

6 notepads stacked together

Unlike your average planner, the jOTBLOCK stacked pads planner set includes six different pads in graduated sizes. The undated month and week pads are for scheduling, while the others are for bullet journaling, drawing, and notes. The portable set option comes with a case that makes it easy to take the planner on the go.

Starting at $30 at Three by Three Seattle

For the new age-minded

Tamed Wild Daily Planner and Reflection Journal

Daily Planner and Reflection Journal

Tamed Wild sells items focused on ancient practices for spiritual growth; I previously blogged about building an altar with some of their supplies. If that’s your thing, you might like their new Daily Planner and Reflection Journal. In addition to calendar layouts, each month-long planner includes content on astrology, monthly rituals, games, and activity ideas.

$18 per monthly planner at Tamed Wild

Do you love planners? Hate planners? Have your own favorite?

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