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April 26, 2023

Mama needs a new piece of jewelry

For your mom or the mom figure in your life, Hawk + Handsaw Jewelry has a set of wood earrings or a wood necklace that she’ll love this Mother’s Day. Whether your mom’s style is subtly elegant, casual, or bold, we’ve got her look. Also, since our jewelry is handmade, every piece is slightly different, and doesn’t your love for your mom demand something unique?

I am doubly blessed with a wonderful mother who is still with me. If Mother’s Day is fraught for you, please know I send you much love and think you should treat yourself to a piece of jewelry, preferably ours.

Two women standing outside with trees in the background
Me and my mom before I started my business, which is why she’s not wearing my jewelry.

Rose Earrings

Of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is the biggest occasion for sending flowers. But your mother is an original, so think outside the florist. Instead of giving mom roses that will die, gift her our Rose Earrings. They’ll last as long as our planet does, which should be another 15 years or so. Great if your mom has a rosy outlook on life, or if you really wish she did.

woman wearing a blue dress holding a red rose wearing rose earrings
If you have to give your mom roses, pair them with our Rose Earrings, a present she’ll never have to compost.

Swirl Earrings

If I do say so myself, I love the abstract design of our Swirl Earrings. They’re pretty and fun, and the swirls add eye-catching movement. They’re dressy enough to wear with a skirt if that’s your mom’s thing.

woman wearing swirl earrings
Who doesn’t love a swirl?

Bang Bang Earrings

If your mom is a pistol, our Bang Bang Earrings will show off her attitude. They’re laser cut and engraved from three layers of maple and walnut plywoods, with pop art polka dots. Plus they practically shout “Celebrate!” which is the whole point of Mother’s Day.

woman standing in profile wearing a jean jacket and bang bang earrings pretending to point a gun
Bang Bang Earrings will help your mom scratch that Charlie’s angel itch.

Hamsa Earrings or Hamsa Necklace

The ancient symbol of hamsa is believed in some cultural traditions to ward off the evil eye, which can result in misfortune or injury. Considering there’s a time in every mom’s life when she wishes she could ward off her kids, hamsa symbols make great Mother’s Day gifts. Pick our Hamsa Earrings or the Hamsa Necklace, or better yet, splurge on both.

woman in a beige top wearing hamsa earrings and necklace
Show mom how much you value her safety with hamsa jewelry.

Hooked Fish Earrings

If your mom is a quirky nature lover, choose our Hooked Fish Earrings, laser cut from maple plywood with fish features in cherry. I like to think of them as symbolic of a mom’s ability to bring order to a wriggly child. 

woman wearing fish earrings with a pink background behind her
Mom will be hooked. I can’t stop staring.

How are you celebrating or being celebrated this Mother’s Day?

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