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November 16, 2023

Fun craft kits for adults

As a crafty person, and one who dreams of world domination, I like to spread the love of crafting to others. Creative play boosts your brain power and mental health, yet we don’t tend to engage in it when we’re adults. This holiday season, force some creative play on your loved ones, for their own sake, in the form of a craft kit.

I chose a variety of crafts for the list. Some of the crafts are ones I know and love, like mosaics and cross stitch, and others I’ve heard of and haven’t tried. Most of the kits are all-inclusive of the supplies you need, and none of them require shopping on Amazon.

If you’re also shopping for creative kids, you’ll find options here; the craft kits are suitable for teens. Many of them could also be enjoyed by younger kids with supervision.

LED Light Frame Alcohol Ink Kit

glass lamp with a fire-like design

You can get some stunning results blending alcohol inks in craft projects. Better yet, they are “extremely forgiving,” according to the makers at Adults & Crafts, which is always something I want to hear when I’m trying an artistic endeavor. With their kit, you get supplies to make three alcohol ink crafts: an LED light-up frame, four glass coasters, and Yupo paper, plus inks and blending solution.

Available at Adults and Crafts, $37

Fake Cake Craft Kit

pink and white frosted cake with candles and sprinkles

If you’ve ever seen a cake that you thought was too pretty to eat, you’ll appreciate crafting a fancy faux cake.’s Fake Cake Craft kit, available in three colors, includes the supplies you need to make a cake that lasts forever. If you’re not already an expert with a piping tool, they provide instructions on that too.

Available from, $38

Sculpd Candle Making Kit

candle in a deer holder

I love the idea of a candle in a container you make yourself. With this candle kit by Sculpd, you create your candle dish from air-dry clay in whatever design you choose, then paint it. The kits come in different color palettes, or with no paint if you prefer. You also have your choice of one of several scents.

Available from Sculpd, starting at $65

Pasta Art Kit

pasta art kit

Global Grub’s Pasta Art Kit includes a pasta dough mix that only requires the addition of eggs. With powdered dyes from natural ingredients like spirulina, plus a dough cutter set in cute shapes, you can transform your pasta into mini pieces of art.

Available at Global Grub, $44.99

Paint By Number Girl Crying Pop Art

illustration of a woman crying

I enjoy painting, but I can’t paint anything besides a lopsided tree with a sun in the corner. If you are also artisically challenged but want to paint something you’d hang on your walls, try a paint by number. Being a pop art fan, I was particularly drawn to “Girl Crying” from Adult Paint by Numbers. All paint color and brushes are included, plus a hanging kit for wall display.

Available at Adult Paint by Numbers, $47.70

Cross Stitch Crime

crossstich design of a santa

I love cross stitch and I like mysteries, so I think Cross Stitch Crime is pretty cool. Each month they have a different kit with a mystery to solve and a cross stitch to complete. They offer a subscription option as well as the option to purchase the current month on its own.

Available at Cratejoy, $49.99

Felt Succulents Kit

felt succulent craft kit

As someone who can’t keep plants alive, I have a particular fondness for plants that won’t die. With the Felt Succulents Kit from Craft Crush, you get all the supplies you need to make a frame of felt succulents in a rainbow of colors. The kit also comes with three chalk pastels to add additional colorful details to your plants. It’s “a fun craft that’ll grow on you” (their words; I would have tried harder).

Available at PlayMonster, $19.99

Mosaic Votive Kit

votive holder decorated with a mosaic

I used to mosaic a lot, and it’s a very relaxing. The Votive Kit from Zetamari Mosaic Artworks includes precut glass tiles, beads, and four glass votive bases. You’ll still need adhesive and grouting supplies (which you can buy in a separate kit.) There are six color combinations to choose from; I like the blue the best.

Available at Zetamari Mosaic Artworks, $48

Crochet T-Rex 

crocheted dinosaur

I’ve never been able to learn to crochet, but maybe my day has finally come with a Fred the Dino Kit from The Woobles. The kit features yarn that is specially made for beginners and a pre-started crochet piece, plus they’ve created video tutorials that will walk you through each step. From the product description: “Once you master the magic loop with Fred the Dino, you’ll be partying it up like it’s 1999 B.C.”

Available on Etsy, $30 ($25 without the crochet hook)

DIY Backyard Bat House

bat house

You’ve probably heard that a home for bats in your backyard can be beneficial to the ecosystem. The DIY Backyard Bat House kit from Habitat Heroes includes not only the materials for the house, but a live virtual class where “you’ll learn the truth about bats” (ominous!) and can follow along to build your own house.

Available on Uncommon Goods, $125

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