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August 25, 2023

I love to eat desserts, which I think is what led me to love making them. Thanks to the public library, I discovered the recently published cookbook “Baking Yesteryear“: a selection of desserts, some odd, that were popular in each decade since the 20s. It was the first time I’d heard of author B. Dylan… Continue reading Color your vision with a Jell-O cake

July 26, 2023

Inflation got your down? Nothing makes me feel better than a little retail therapy. I know, you’re probably being frugal right now, but July is my birthday month, and I love the idea of people treating themselves in honor of my birthday. You know where to get your wood jewelry; here are some other ideas.… Continue reading Fun random products you might like

June 1, 2023

I haven’t traveled nearly as much as I’d like to. So many places to see, so little vacation time to take advantage of. I hope I won’t have to wait for retirement to finally visit wonders like the Great Barrier Reef or the Great Wall of China, since I’m nowhere near retirement and my body… Continue reading Get out of town

April 26, 2023

For your mom or the mom figure in your life, Hawk + Handsaw Jewelry has a set of wood earrings or a wood necklace that she’ll love this Mother’s Day. Whether your mom’s style is subtly elegant, casual, or bold, we’ve got her look. Also, since our jewelry is handmade, every piece is slightly different,… Continue reading Mama needs a new piece of jewelry

April 17, 2023

Have you heard about how great it is to practice gratitude? JK – you’ve probably heard this so many times that the word gratitude makes you cringe. At my last job, my department head actually suggested we keep a gratitude journal: “Be grateful even though it sucks to work here so I won’t have to… Continue reading My Big Book of Grievances

March 20, 2023

My mom has a house full of beautiful flowering plants. They’re all fake, but they seem so real you can almost feel the extra oxygen churning through your lungs. Mom passed the brown thumb on to me, so if I want greenery, mine also has to be fake. There are artificial plants and flowers galore… Continue reading Succulents for the plant challenged