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February 14, 2024

Inaugural guest post! With Valentine’s Day and all, February seems like the perfect time to think about romance — more specifically, some romance escapism. Being a huge reader, I like to recommend books, but unfortunately, I’m not well versed in the romance genre. So, I turned to an expert: Emily Voss, romance novel-reading fiend and… Continue reading Skip to the happy ending with five great romance series

January 22, 2024

Does fear of crafting something less-than-perfect keep you from crafting?  Don’t let it, says Sam Reece, founder of the Shitty Craft Club and author of a new book titled, you guessed it, Shitty Craft Club: A Club for Gluing Beads to Trash, Talking about Our Feelings, and Making Silly Things. Reece originally began the Shitty… Continue reading Craft some shit with the Shitty Craft Club

December 19, 2023

I absolutely adore buying planners. I love looking at a full blank calendar for the year and dreaming of how I could make myself more productive and organized by filling it in. Unfortunately, the part of me that most needs the planner – the part which is not great at time management – tends to… Continue reading New planner for a new year

November 16, 2023

As a crafty person, and one who dreams of world domination, I like to spread the love of crafting to others. Creative play boosts your brain power and mental health, yet we don’t tend to engage in it when we’re adults. This holiday season, force some creative play on your loved ones, for their own… Continue reading Fun craft kits for adults

October 23, 2023

I usually curate content that involves sitting on your ass, so to balance it out, this month I compiled a list of workouts. For me, working out at home is optimal. If I have to leave the house to exercise, I probably won’t. Since I don’t have the space for equipment like an elliptical machine… Continue reading Get moving with my favorite workout guru

September 21, 2023

I love covers of great songs: they provide the comfort of something familiar with the interest of something new. I compiled a Spotify list, unintentionally skewing 80s originals, of some of my favorite covers. The cover musicians include both legends and artists you might not have heard of. I hope I introduce you to something… Continue reading Cover songs for trying times

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