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About Us

Spreading the gospel of levity one piece of jewelry at a time

Welcome to Hawk + Handsaw Jewelry. Through our irreverent and quirky wood earrings and necklaces, we aim to help you take life a little less seriously. We’ve created everyday-wear pieces in both bold and understated styles because we know you’re complex, and we applaud it.

Seattle-based, we laser cut and engrave our pieces from sustainable plywood. The natural colors of maple, cherry, and walnut allow many of our pieces to go with anything, so you can save the time you spend thinking about accessorizing for another pursuit. Maybe thinking about your special someone, or maybe dessert. We think a lot about dessert.

We do take your happiness very seriously, and we offer returns or exchanges on any order you are not thrilled with.

Why “Hawk + Handsaw”?

It’s a Hamlet reference: “I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.” You’re probably thinking, given our sensibilities, why reference a tragedy like Hamlet? It’s because we’re also complex.

Who are we?

So glad you asked! Read on.

Naghma Husain, Owner

A Michigan native, Naghma toiled in underheated, over-cubicled workplaces for what seemed like a millenium. Then, one day, a midlife crisis and particularly annoying colleagues inspired her to build something of her own.

A lover of chocolate, leopard print, and, of course, jewelry, she’s always up for talking books or reproductive justice.

Maya Uradnik, Model

Multi-talented Maya is a coder, world traveler, and vocalist / songwriter. Listen to her track Venus on Spotify and be sure to follow her for future releases.

Karen Wetterhahn, Model

Karen is a graduate program adviser by day and an actor by night. In one of her more unique roles, Karen fell in love with and got knocked up by a puppet.